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Kathak Dance, Art, Indian classical arts

I-RADHA - Indian Rhythms Arts & Dances Heritage Academy was founded in June 2016 by Ms. Kiran Chouhan in memory of her mother Mrs. Radha Chouhan. Mrs. Radha Chouhan was a great admirer of Indian music and dance and instilled in her daughter a deep love for all creative arts. She was a talented writer and poet herself. Her poems have been used in many dance dramas in India and the US.

I-RADHA, a very thoughtful and strategic initiative in the Chicagoland area by Kathak Dance exponent Ms. Kiran Chouhan, is conceived out of her passion for spreading Indian fine arts amongst the diaspora as well as the mainstream lovers of arts and culture. The purpose of I-RADHA is to teach, advance and spread the learnings of the rich Indian heritage that all of us have come to appreciate and emulate in everyday lifestyles all over the world. I-RADHA has a vision to bring back the golden ‘Gurukul’ era with the blessings of all the senior gurus in the field, who are willing to come and teach our students in the Gurukul tradition.  

I-RADHA plans to incorporate other Indian art and spiritual streams under its umbrella in the near future. At the core of IRADHA values is the desire to achieve maximum participation by the community. Through global collaboration, I-RADHA will strive to keep all events affordable, accessible and value enhancing as well as entertaining.

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