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Summer Workshop – 2023

Stage Lighting Design 

I-RADHA is organizing a 10-day Stage Lighting Design Online Workshop.

It is a good opportunity for performing artists and light designers to understand and learn about stage light design. Which is an essential part of dance productions and Theater. There is no prior experience required.

Topics covered during these 10 sessions:

  • History of stage lighting.

  • Role of a light designer.

  • Scientific properties of light.

  • Controllable factors of light.

  • The objective of light design.

  • Color.

  • Equipment or Fixtures.

  • Script to show.

Dates: July 15th - July 24th for 2 hours daily

Time: 8 to 10 pm CST

Fees: $150 for the entire workshop.


Please enroll by July 14th.

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